Fujifilm X-Pro2 – A User’s Review

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Browsing through Flickr pages it is easy to fall in love with the overall aesthetic of the images from Fuji’s X series of cameras. So much so that when the XT-1 went on sale toward the end of 2015 I nearly pulled the trigger and bought one, but a couple of small concerns held me back.

My first concern was dropping from the Full Frame 22.3MP sensor of the Canon 5D Mark III to the 16MP crop sensor of the Fuji. My process involves a lot of post-production and the reduction in MP felt like two steps backward for one step forward. My second concern was a niggling feeling of why the XT-1 was so significantly discounted leading into Christmas. Sure enough, a post on fujirumours.com hinted at the announcement of the X-Pro2 with a 24mp X-Trans 3 sensor in January 2016. The slight bump in megapixels over the Canon was welcome news and I decided to wait and pre-order the X-Pro2 instead.


Fujifilm X-Pro2 Shot with Canon 5D Mark III

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ZCCQ Christmas in July


One of The Z Car Club Queensland’s biggest events each year is the Christmas in July run and this year was no exception. Saturday saw 40+ cars navigating around the Sunshine Coast hinterland with clues, directions and challenges meticulously set out by Dave Robertson. Upon arriving at our hotel for the night we were greated with some spectauclar views of the Glasshouse Mountains (as you can see in the pictures) before we set in for our Christmas feast.

I spent most of the day driving but still managed to get a few pictures at a couple of the stops. Thank you to David Robertson and everyone in the ZCCQ who helped organised a fantastic weekend.

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